Monday, October 25, 2010

Mama needs a laptop! I made it to the photo contest finals!

I am so excited!  I entered a photo contest through Homeschool Science Academy a couple of weeks ago.  The instructions were to share a photo that captures the essence of homeschooling and include a caption of 10 words of less. I made it to the finals and the winner gets a laptop. Woot! I've been dying for a laptop.

Anyone that is subscribed to the newsletter for Homeschool Science Academy can vote; you can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page here.   Mr. Greg Landry at the Homeschool Science Academy runs many contests with laptop prizes throughout the year, which are announced in his newsletter.  He also offers great information and shares info about his classes, too.

**To vote, all you need to do is send an email to and include the number of your selection in both the subject and body of the email.  For example, to vote for photo #21 (hint hint) you would just need to put "21" in the subject line and the message body, then zip it off to Mr. Landry.  Make sure you sign up for his newsletter too (directions above ~ it's easy!), since voters should be subscribed.**

Voting ends November 3rd, 2010.

I've included my submission below.  This was actually a pic I had taken a couple of years ago. When doing a fish dissection, my daughter took it an extra step and decided to take a better look (no pun intended!) at the eyeballs.  She obviously isn't squeamish, as indicated by her smile despite the yellow eye guts hanging down onto her thumb. :) Oh, and don't miss the double meaning of the caption! I've learned so much through the eyes of my kids, but sometimes that caption can be quite literal too.

Below is the information for looking at the photos and voting.  Mine is #21, should you need help deciding. (wink)

Photo Contest for Moms

We asked moms to send us a photo that captures
the essence of homeschooling. We received hundreds!
The winning mom will receive a 15 inch laptop

Thanks to all who participated. We had the very
difficult task of narrowing it down to only 26
photos. Please help us choose the winner by
voting for you favorite. Details and photos can
be accessed here..

Email us at with the
number of your favorite photo.

You'll need to download a short recording from the online classroom to see the photos.  It is very simple.  My photo (remember, #21!) is the first photo in recording #3.

Thanks so much for taking a look.  Remember, if you are undecided on what photo you like best, just go with #21.  It is an excellent choice!


Blossom said...

oh my! I'm heading over there to vote right now...and just so you know- I think that is disgusting! LOL My poor kids may never get to do dissections...I don't know if I could stand it...maybe I'll send them to the meat packing place on the corner for a field trip...ew..
Oh! I'm leaving now to go vote!

~ Denise ~ said...

I've submitted my vote for the oh so fabulous #21! :) Good luck, Heidi! (PS: That really is quite gross...)

Heidi said...

Thanks so much, Denise and Blossom! Would you believe that she used to be squeamish??? I wasn't sure how the dissections would go when we started. However, she loves them (is it obvious?)!

Heather said...

Ughhhh! My Mom (ex-science teacher) would LOOVE this. I'm going to vote:)

Denise said...

Heidi, this is so funny! I will have to recheck the date to see if I can still vote for you!

Hope you win...

Heidi said...


Thanks so much! Voting ends Nov 3rd.