Friday, October 29, 2010

The Jeub family book offer

I saw a post on another blog about the Jeub Family.

I was intrigued for several reasons.  First, having only two children, large families (16 kids!) fascinate me.  Second, we own a family business, though not the type that is run out of the house. I would really love a home-based business that the whole family does together.  Lastly, speech and debate is something on the "to do" list for my kids, and a free book offer on just that subject is very timely.

Read the latest post on the Jeub family blog on the working of their home-based family and learn how you can be one of the lucky 100 to get a copy of  Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate for free!


Briana said...

I have a large family(8 children) and I love reading about extra large families. I can always learn something new.

Chris Jeub said...

Thanks for mentioning this! We've sent out almost 1/2 the books already.