Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm IT...again!

There has been a game of tag going around the blogsphere.  I've been tagged a couple of times, but this time Nanette at The joys of homeschooling has tagged me with a new set of questions to answer.  In turn, I'm supposed to take 8 more people.  Since I've already done some tagging, I'm not going to tag 8 more at this time.  However, I'll happily answer Nanette's questions.

Here are my answers to Nanette's questions:

1. How do you stay organized? The assumption here is that I am actually organized.  I'm not.  I tend to fly by the seat of my pants.  Sometimes that is a good thing.  Sometimes it is not.  I do try to keep my things organized, in hopes that my brain will follow suit. At the very least, it gives the appearance of being organized.

2. What is your favorite curriculum and why? (Ex: Apologia, Life of Fred, etc.) I have several favorites.  I love All About Spelling for my 11-year-old, a struggling speller.  IEW has been great for him too.  My oldest has enjoyed the Apologia science texts so far.  And Sonlight has been a favorite, but I have never successfully used it as intended.  I love having the Sonlight books, though.  I could go on.  I'm very much a curriculum junkie.  Perhaps it would have been easier to ask which was my least favorite?

3. Do you notebook or lapbook? Do you have any successful secrets to share to a lapbook newbie? I wish I were a crafty person like that; I love the look of notebooks and lapbooks, but they aren't for me. Ironically, I have developed a new line of lapbook and notebook materials which I will be revealing very soon. I am just wrapping up some administration and website details, but I have products in hand that I'll be posting about in the very near future.  I did have some lapbooking testers and advisors so I could understand the needs of lapbookers.  I'm hoping that lapbookers will enjoy the products!

4. What kind of fieldtrips, or outings do you go on for school enrichment? We used to go on a lot of field trips, but not so much anymore. When we first started homeschooling, I'd call numerous businesses and organizations and ask if they'd be willing to do a tour.  You'd be surprised at how open most are.  As a result, I found many great field trip opportunities in my immediate area.  The kids loved it! Live theater is still on my list of things I try to do with the kids regularly. Unfortunately, our schedule lately doesn't allow for many other field trips.

5. Do you have any awesome science experiments to share? Dissections have been a hit in the past. So many shy away from doing dissections at home, but it isn't as bad as some think! Right now my daughter is doing the egg in vinegar experiment for the second time.

6. What is the best website, book, etc; you have found that has helped you through your homeschool journey? Other moms sharing their experiences have been the best resource for me. I connect up with other parents in person and on the internet.  If I had to pick one website, it would be Rainbow Resource! LOL!  One stop shopping without leaving the house.

7. Within your homeschool, what is one thing you could never live without?That's easy - the computer!

8. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever heard from a non-homeschooler? It can be something from a child or an adult."Your child is so polite and well-behaved. I'm concerned that they aren't well-socialized."

Wow!  Didn't Nanette ask some great questions? Thanks for the tag, Nanette!

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Nanette said...

Thank you, Heidi, for playing along :-) I loved all your answers! Helpful and informative, thanks!