Monday, November 22, 2010

New lapbook supplies are available!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was working on some new products for lapbooking and notebooking.  You can read a bit of background here. I'm happy to say that I am now up and running, ready for orders!  You can see what I have available at Pear Educational Products. I apologize for my lack of ability in making the website anything more than the basics...that is the next learning curve I'll be heading down.  For now, functional will have to work.  Of course, if you need more pictures or have any questions, you are free to contact me.

Now, to share a bit about the products and how they are different from other products.  For starters, you need to read Sheri's post about a couple of the items over at Scrapbooks and Lapbooks. Oh my...what a creative lady!  She has been a great influence on me on understanding the needs of those that lapbook, notebook, and scrapbook.  Sadly, I don't do any myself.  However, after seeing some of Sheri's projects, I want to start!

I'm currently offering six different products, all designed with special features to solve frustrations with lapbooking.

I have two different folder bases to replace those ugly manila folders.  The first is the Fold-Up Project Base, sold in a pack of 5.
Heavy white cardstock
Gives you a larger working area over manila folders with no ugly center creases
Each fold is double-scored to accommodate thicker items added to the base and allow the folder to close easily
The second folder base, the Fold-Up Project Base Plus,  is identical, but has an extra flap for even more space.  While I'm not a regular lapbooker, I have made a few in the past.  One of them required me to tape an extra piece to the folder and let me say, the end result wasn't too pretty!  That experience inspired the base below.
Top flap is double-scored as are the other folds.
Now, Sheri told me a big problem lapbookers have is how to store all those great lapbooks for future viewing.  Apparently, some take duct tape (gasp!) to help with the storage problem.  No more ugly duct tape with my next product, the Project Base Adhesive Strips.
These strips have mylar-enforced holes and a very strong adhesive.
Much prettier than duct tape!
Keep all your labbooks secure in a binder
The Project Base Adhesive Strips are included with the Fold-Up Project Base products, or can be purchased separately.

My last three products were originally inspired by reading a post by Tristan of Our Busy Homeschool. She had highlighted a lapbook that her daughter made that was in a spiral book form, rather than a folder.  I have three sizes: 6" x 8", 9 1/2" x 11", and 12" x 12".
All of the spiral books have extra large spirals to allow the book to expand as items are added.
The white spiral is a standard size. Our spiral (in black) gives more room for adding items to the pages.
The 6" x 8" notebooks were requested by Tristan, for her little ones with little hands, and by Sheri, for her art appreciation books.

The 9 1/2" x 11" book, which is slightly larger than a standard piece of paper, was a suggestion for all those notebookers out there. It allows for easy transfer of other work into one nice spiral-bound book. The 12" x 12" was to help lapbookers take advantage of all those great scrapbooking supplies and for those extra-special and large projects.  Both of these books also have a double pocket in the page to hold extra items, either during the book construction or for extra items that went with the study.
Of course, while these products were designed for lapbooks, they can be used for any project.  They'd be great for a personalized book or as an art sketch book.  Really, you are only limited by your imagination! To read more or to order, head on over to Pear Educational Products. I am certainly open to suggestions for new sizes and products. Feel free to contact me with any ideas. In the meantime, I hope all of you lapbookers enjoy these products.  Seeing all the amazing ways you document learning is truly inspiring!


Berry Patch said...

These look awesome! One question...are the 12x12 (or other size) spiral books "photo-friendly?" IOW - are they lignin-free/acid-free paper? That would be a huge seller to those who love to scrapbook. I'm just thrilled I no longer have to fold manila folders to make lapbooks! Excellent prices as well! ;-)

Heidi said...

Hmm - I don't think it is acid-free paper, but I'm checking into it just to be sure. I selected the paper based strictly on weight and feel. I'll look into potentially adding acid-free to the line though! Thanks for commenting!

Sheri said...

Thanks for the kuddos Heidi! And I think that by backing the photos with card stock/paper that is acid free-you should be pretty safe from that issue-but ya, check to see if it is acid free. :0) Always good to know.

You may have to run two different lines b/cuz I am sure the acid free paper is a bit more spency...look forward to what your research shows.

Have a great one!

Julieanne said...

These look like such wonderful options for many families! I'm so glad that you have been developing these. They look great! Can't wait to share about them with others. :)


Denise said...

Heidi, this is really neat! I had not seen your first post about this before. I don't lap book (maybe I should!), but I can totally see the need for the products you have come up with! I hope you have great success!