Monday, November 15, 2010

I've been nominated as a misfit!

I mentioned earlier that Lori over at Hearthside Homeschool Reviews was hosting blogger awards that were more my style than other awards, the Homeschool Misfit Awards.

Now, since most people are a little shy about calling someone else a misfit, the idea was to nominate yourself in those categories to which you could most relate.  Really, it was a bit difficult since I'm not a single category misfit!  I eventually decided that The Harried Homeschool Award and the Meme Forgotten Award were the most fitting.  I always have grand ideas of things to blog about, often composing them in my head.  Alas, most of them never get posted.  The Meme Forgotten Award is quite related...I have good intentions, but I either forget the day I'm supposed to post or just get sidetracked.

Speaking of sidetracked...someone else nominated me for The "Squirrel" Award.  This award goes to the blogger who starts off on one topic and then takes off in several directions.  My goodness.  I have no idea what in the world this person was thinking. Me? Stray off topic?  Clear communication is so important; why just the other day I was telling my daughter that she really needs to focus when explaining something.  This is why I want my kids in a speech and debate class.  A friend told me of one nearby...oh....wait.  Ahem.

So now that I've admitted that I'm a bit harried, forgetful *and* ADD, I'd be honored if you voted for me (click below)! I'd be happy to represent misfit homeschoolers.  After all, if I can be a misfit and homeschool, you can too! Denim jumpers not required (and dare I say discouraged?)!

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Heidi said...

LOL! You are so NOT a misfit in my book that I don't even know if I can vote. I rather enjoy the whole "squirrel" thing and I totally think you have it all together. :)

Heidi said...


Enjoying the squirrel thing just makes me an appreciated mifit, but a misfit nonetheless! LOL! I'm glad I give the impression of having it all together, even though I often feel I'm spiraling out of control!