Friday, November 19, 2010

Save the Becky Thatcher House with a simple vote!

Becky Thatcher.  Many are familiar with Becky Thatcher, the character in the Adventures of Tom Sawyer that stole Tom's heart.  However, did you know that Mark Twain based this character on a real person?

Several years ago my daughter won a scholarship to go to Hannibal, MO, the hometown of Mark Twain, for a writing camp about the famous author.  As part of her experience, she was able to tour the Becky Thatcher house, the residence of the girl that inspired the character.  The house is in need of repairs and Henry Sweets, curator of the Mark Twain Museum, contacted my daughter and other past scholarship recipients to spread the word about potential $250,000 grant to help repair the home.  All it requires is your daily vote. My daughter is quite passionate about this cause, as she has very fond memories of her visit to Hannibal.  You can read her pleading post here.

I agree, it would be great if the grant could be awarded to repair the home.  Below are the instructions on how to vote, which can be done daily through November.  What an easy way to save a bit of history for future generations!

Each person can vote once a day by Facebook or computer and once a day by sending a text message. Here’s how:

On computer go to and click “Vote for this Idea.”

For Facebook, look for the button “Log in with Facebook.”

By computer, hit “Vote for this Idea.” You will put in your email address and then register. Registering takes about two minutes and registers a password for you. Then each day when you go to vote, you only need your email address and password to cast your ballot.

A separate vote can be texted in by texting 104141 to Pepsi at 73774. 

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