Sunday, November 7, 2010

Clean floors make a person happy! CSN Stores

A few weeks back I mentioned that I was getting a review opportunity with CSN Stores.  I had such a hard time selecting an item.  Did I want something fun or practical?  Something for myself, my kids, or to save as a gift for someone?  CSN gave me a lot of choices, as they have many items appropriate for all of the above.

Though not the most fun option, I decided to be practical and get something I needed for the kitchen.  My hand mixer is on the way out, my toaster oven door needs propped up with a bowl to stay shut, and some new bakeware would be nice. I had a hard time deciding.  I eventually picked up a Dirt Devil Easy Steam Deluxe with Bonus Pads to replace my old steam mop that completely died several weeks ago.

About half of my downstairs is hardwood floors, including by the main entrances.  Not only do I  have the usual kitchen messes to clean up, but I have dirt being tracked in my children and pets.  A good sweeping just doesn't cut it.

I absolutely love this steam mop.  I don't need to deal with buckets of water and mops, nor do I need to use any chemicals at all.  Getting a build-up of cleaning product on a wood floor is bad news when it comes to refinishing.  The steam from this mop is all you need.

I don't think this one heats up as hot as my first, but the pad grips better and the triangular shape helps get in corners and tight places.  The price was more in my budget range than other mops on the market.  All in all, I felt it was a decent steam mop for the price.

CSN Stores' customer service was great too!  I receive a bonus of upgraded shipping for faster service, which was nice.

This first experience with CSN Stores was a pleasant one, in addition to practical. If I get another review opportunity, perhaps I won't be as boring and go for something fun!  In the meantime, I'm enjoying my clean floors.

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