Saturday, January 22, 2011

Are you a lapbooker?

Is there such a thing as a lapbooker wanna-be?  I don’t lapbook, but I love the way they look and think they are an excellent way not only to help your child retain information, but also a pretty awesome record of what they learned.  It sure beats the file cabinet full of papers and used workbooks I currently have.  And while I’m not a lapbooker, I do know paper and folding.  You see, we run a family bindery business and we are always thinking of ways to help homeschoolers.  Between the one lapbook I’ve made for a review and all the spectacular lapbooks I’ve seen made by my lapbooking friends, I’ve been inspired to use what I do know – paper products – and combine it with my desire to bring products to homeschoolers.

If you are a regular reader, you heard about my new venture in the fall.  Please bear with me as I continue with a little self-promotion and after-holiday reminder. :) Enter Pear Educational Products, our new lapbooking supply company. Our products were designed with the help of talented homeschoolers, to be sure they meet the specific needs of lapbookers.

Our first line of products are our Spiral Bound Project Books.  These acid-free blank books come with an extra large spiral to allow your book to expand in thickness as you add to the pages.
Our spirals are larger than standard, allowing your notebook to expand as you add to the pages.

In addition, the last page of the larger books includes a double pocket to store supplies during construction and additional records when final.
Handy double pocket to hold all your supplies.

There are three sizes available, 12" x 12", 9" x 11 1/2", and 6" x 8", for a variety of your project needs.

Our next line are our Fold-Up Project Bases. The one lapbook I ever made involved manipulating a manila folder, including taping cardstock to it.  The end result was a bit sloppy, which was disappointing given the work put into the project.  Our Fold-Up Project Bases are one pre-folded and scored piece on sturdy, white, and acid-free cardstock. The scores give room to all kinds of goodies to fit inside when folded and the working area is much larger than a standard manila folder.  The white background is perfect for stamping, coloring, or whatever your child's creative mind desires!
No more taping cardstock to folders!
Prefolded and larger than regular mania folders.
Double scoring allows you to fill the pages with mini-books, pictures, and paper crafts.
Lastly, I've been told that storage of lapbooks is a real issue. So much so, that some resort to duct tape! Yikes!  Our Adhesive Strips give lapbookers a clean and attractive option for storing your finished lapbooks in a 3-ring binder.
Aren't these much more attractive than ugly duct tape?

The so-strong-it-would-pull-car-paint-off adhesive securely attaches to the back of the lapbook.  It can be left white, or decorated to match your finished book.  The holes are Mylar-reinforced to prevent any tears.  Presto!  Neat and attractive storage. Let's keep the duct tape to household repairs, not lapbooks, okay?

I would love to add more products to our line.  We can handle anything paper - just ask!  Until then, remember Pear Educational Products for your lapbooking needs.

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Sheri said...

She isn't kidding here-these are great products and most needful in the lapbooker world! Thanks Heidi for supplying these!