Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Birthday suprises!

My daughter recently turned 14.  When she was little, her birthday was equivalent to a national holiday.  She's mellowed some her in "old" age, but birthdays are still big occasions around here.  We didn't have a big birthday party, but Grandma still made a special cake that matched the colors of her bedroom, which was remodeled this past summer.

When it comes to presents, it is always hard to come up with the perfect gift for this girlie.  She's pretty content with what she already has, and with a birthday shortly after Christmas, any ideas have already been used.

However, less than a week before her birthday I discovered Taylor Swift tickets would be on sale.  My daughter is more into musicals than the latest pop, but Taylor Swift is one mainstream artist she really enjoys.  Furthermore, she's never been to a concert, despite an attempt to go see Taylor Swift last year.  I'm always for gifts that are an experience, rather than another thing to sit around the house.  I had fun making a custom musical card announcing the gift from a blank that I purchased here for another project and had an extra left over. 

I think she agrees it was a great gift for a 14th birthday.


Blossom said...

Well, Happy Birthday to your daughter! Mine was 14 in September. Amazing how time flies, eh?
Great cake!

Heidi said...

That cake is awesome! Love the video - it was fun to see her excitement. She is really looking like you.