Monday, January 17, 2011

Convince Your Husband to Homeschool

There are a set number of responses given when people find out that our family homeschools.
  • The disgusted, "Why would you do that?"
  • The sometimes insecure but often self-justifying, "I could never do that!"
  • The you've-got-to-be crazy, "Homeschool? I can hardly wait for the first day of school each year!"
  • The encouraging, "Good for you! I wish I had done that with my kids."
  • And the infamous and all too familiar, "What about socialization?"
But there is one response, usually brought forth in a quiet tone, that always brings up compassion from the depths of my heart:

"I would love to homeschool but my husband doesn't support it."

These are the moms that have homeschooling on their hearts, while sending their children on the yellow school bus each morning. Some of them have even researched curriculum, checked out local support groups, and carefully broached the subject with their husband, who, because of various reasons, is not in support of the decision.

In my own personal experience, I was the one that needed the convincing. It didn't take long, just a planting of the idea along with the encouragement of my husband. While I was grappling with my own commitment to homeschool, a friend of mine was trying to convince her husband to home educate rather than send their son to the local public school. I watched my friend go through the trials of emotional conflict for several months, somewhat guiltily knowing I already had the support of my husband, while she tried to convince her very analytical husband that this was the best option for their family.

Finally, my friend, a writer, had a epiphany. She combined her completed research, writing skills and her heart into a well thought-out written presentation for her engineering husband. Essentially, it was a business plan for their homeschool. It worked! Shortly after her presentation, her husband was fully committed to start their homeschool journey. The written document was coined the “Homeschool Brochure”. Over the years, as co-leaders for a homeschool support group, this document has been passed along to numerous moms who have a heart to homeschool but lack the support of their husband. It was requested so much that friends proclaimed it would make an excellent book. I'm happy to say that the original “Homeschool Brochure” is now available as part of a new e-book, Convince Your Husband to Homeschool: A Five Step Strategy.
 In this ebook, Kathryn Tyler will walk you through the steps of creating your own “Homeschool Brochure” to present to your husband. She shows you what areas to research, how to answer your husband's doubts, resources to seek out and a practical format to create a plan specific to your family and your husband. Also included is Kathryn's original presentation that was so successful in her own home. This e-book is more than a how-to manual, but a collection of personal thoughts and perspectives, through excerpts straight from Kathryn's journal to quotations from other homeschooling moms. This thoughtful and straightforward guide will help you take what is on your heart and transform it in a way that your husband can understand.

Do you have a spouse that needs straight-forward and personally tailored evidence before considering homeschooling for your family? Convince Your Husband to Homeschool: A Five Step Strategy is available for purchase at Pear Educational Products for $14.95 as a quick download.

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