Friday, February 5, 2010

Fit Mommy - Week 4

This is my weekly check-in for Fit Mommy, hosted by Denise over at Got Chai?

Well, it was another not-so-successful week, at least according to the scale.

The top 10 things I learned this week.

10. All that stands between me and will power is saran wrap
9. A serving of Godiva chocolate is 3 pieces and 12 grams of fat.
8. Tazo chai has less fat than Big Train chai.
7. Cravings for mixed nuts diminish once chocolate is reintroduced.
6. Virtual or no, trainers annoy me.
5. If your muscles don't hurt, they aren't getting worked out.
4. Long walks are even better with real children (as opposed to the furry variety)
3. Scales and clothes tell two different stories.
2. Being almost 40 really stinks.
1. Accountability is stronger than results.

The weekends are killing me nutritionally. This is the third weekend in a row where we had some sort of gathering involving food. A Groundhog Day party was the culprit this time. Tables of food are not a dieters friend. Gets me every time.

On Sunday I finally succumbed to the box of Godiva that I have been avoiding since Christmas. I did show a bit of willpower in that the day prior I handled the box and put it back on second thought. Sunday was a brand new day and that box was calling me...taunting me. As you can see, I actually thought this through and grabbed the camera for this post. So sad. There wasn't a n ounce of will power in me that day. Luckily, this is only a single layer box, unlike the multi-layer one that already vanished before the New Year. They really need to make those boxes harder to get into. I mean, what kind of protection is a thin layer of plastic?

Of course, I went right for my favorite, the open oyster filled with hazelnut praline. Then I hit the praline hearts - both of them. That wiped out the my favorites and I had better self control after that, though I can't say I left the box alone the rest of the week. The good news is I shared the box with my family and had less than a "serving" when I splurged. I was hoping this was a single serving box. It's not. 3 pieces. 190 calories. 12g of fat.

I am still eating better, with an apple for breakfast every day and generally working on portion control and snacking. I ran out of my normal chai and temporarily switched to a concentrate that I used with skim milk, making my chai fat free. That ought to count for something! I stayed out of the mixed nuts; who needs those when you have chocolate? Maybe next week will go better. All that is left of that box of chocolates are the fruit filled ones. I only go after those if I'm really, really desperate!

The working out wasn't too bad. I used the EA Active program Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Wednesday, I just couldn't bring myself to tolerate the virtual trainer. I went onto Comcast On Demand, looking for a Firm workout. I couldn't find one and ended up with Jillian Michaels. Good thing the workout was only 20 minutes, because Ms. Jillian was starting to annoy me as well. I didn't think it was much of a workout, but I sure was sore the next day. If I'm sore with this workout, after 3 weeks of using EA Active, it tells me that I'm not getting much with the EA Active. I'm thinking about switching to something else. On mute.

I also walked Monday and Tuesday for 30 minutes with my daughter during one of her dog walking jobs. My son usually goes with her but fell while ice skating and had a sore knee. My daughter and I had a really nice conversation while walking. The week prior, I walked with my son because my daughter was studying for a midterm and experienced the same. I should do that more often.

The scale still has not budged. Not a pound. I'm finding that a little very discouraging. Ten years ago I would have shed 5 pounds by now, easy. Why does metabolism have to go downhill the older you get? It isn't like we are doing less! I work much harder now than I did as a youngen'.

Even if my scale isn't cooperating, my jeans seem to be fitting a bit better, so perhaps I am making a smidgen of progress. If it weren't for Fit Mommy, I probably would have given up by now. So thank you to Denise at Chai Mommy and the other Fit Mommies for encouragement. I guess this week I should be happy to have not gained anything after all that Godiva and that is where I'm going to leave it until next week!


homeschool101 said...

Bless your heart. Lol. I read that if you brush your teeth after each time you eat, you will lose the taste or craving you have for food to come later. If you suddnely feel a crave come on and its been a while since you have brushed, try this, run and brush your teeth and see if it kicks your crave. I have done that alot and it seems to kick any cravings. However, I havent done that much this week with my Blah feeling. Lol.

I will give leway since it Superbowl weekend, BUT.. Come Monday, I am back on Motivation Monday and I MUST SUCCEED! Lol! So I should think atleast! Have a great day!

Michelle said...


You are doing great--chocolates or no! Actually, the chocolates and I had our own little dance this week, so I can relate! ;)

I agree about the "40" thing. Right around 35 that metabolism seriously shifts. Around 40 it starts adjusting itself even further. I hate to tell you that, but it probably will not get easier. But, just keep up the great work and you will see some further changes in the right direction. :)

TOSHeidi said...

40's creeping up on me quite quickly, all of a sudden. Can I use that as my excuse? I did horrible this week. I didn't even post - yet. Maybe I still will. I'm a total failure!

Lisa C said...

I can identify with your top 10! :) I've been fighting the Winter Blues - nothing like chocolate for those Winter Blues. With the Superbowl this weekend, and Valentine's Day next weekend, how will we survive? :-)

Hang in there,
Lisa @