Friday, February 19, 2010

Fit Mommy - Week 6

This is my weekly check-in for Fit Mommy, hosted by Denise over at Got Chai?

I probably should have mentioned last week that I was going on a Fit Mommy break this week.
Problem is:

I didn't know.

The Godiva was gone and all the Palmer Santas consumed. It was going to be a great week, right?

Then it arrived...Russell Stover.

My mom, bless her, still sends me a Valentine's Day package. There were some other non-edible trinkets in my package, but I had to show Mr. Russell Stover my appreciation of his contribution to chocolate lovers through consumption of said chocolate. Just for fun, you can read a bit more about the history of Russell Stover here.

And that kind of sums up how my week went. I didn't watch myself nutritionally and for the first time in five weeks I didn't exercise AT ALL. Not one Wii workout or walk around the neighborhood.

I'm not sure what my problem has been this week. I'm just in a funk, I guess. The goal for next week is to snap out of it.

With that, I'm going to leave you with the Top Ten Things I Already Knew this week, since I didn't really learn anything new, being on vacation and all.

10. My mom loves me!
9. My mom loves me enough to not recognize I could stand to drop 20 pounds.
8. I am a chocoholic.
7. Falling off the fitness wagon is easy.
6. Falling off the fitness wagon with chocolate in your hand is even easier.
5. I have no self-control.
4. Sleeping in is much more attractive than an early workout with a virtual trainer.
3. Working out regularly is hard!
2. This won't be the last time I fall off the fitness wagon.
1. Falling off the wagon is ok, as long as you crawl back on (next week, I promise!)


Michelle said...

I am noticing a definite chocolate theme with some of our "off weeks." I know that chocolate has definitely tripped me up a few times from my nutrition goals. I am sure you will have a better week next week! :)

Mrs. White said...

You check-ins are always so funny!!!

Hey, at least "somebody" gets to eat chocolate around here!

Can't wait to hear how well you do next week!

Mrs. White

~ Denise ~ said...

Off the fitness wagon or not, your posts are always so much fun! :) I was wondering how Valentine's day would work for us Fit Mommies. Honestly, if my Mom had brought me a box of Russell Stover, I would've had to show my appreciation as well! LOL For the first time in years though, she didn't. (Surprise, surprise!)

Anyway, I'm sure you'll do great next week. Some mornings I literally have to force myself to workout, so believe me---I understand fully. :/