Friday, February 26, 2010

Fit Mommy - Week 7

This is my weekly check-in for Fit Mommy, hosted by Denise over at Got Chai?

Well, I crawled back on to the wagon this week, though I perhaps have a leg dangling off still.

My top 10 things learned this week:

10. I'm really good at something - procrastination!
9. Starting the week off on the wagon helps me stay there.
8. I like squats better than lunges.
7. I stink at squash (is there any ball sport I'm good at?)
6. There is life after chocolate.
5. Scales - who needs them?
4. I feel better if I'm more consistent with vitamins.
3. Previously stretched jeans are good for self-esteem.
2. Small goals are better for getting back on track.
1. It really feels good to be back on the wagon.

I have a good report compared to last week. Since I did nothing last week, I can't claim a huge victory, but I'm still pretty content that I was able to throw myself back on the fitness wagon. Ok, it wasn't graceful and hurt a bit, but I'm riding along now.

I'm now declaring my fitness week Monday - Friday. Weekends are a fitness flop for me. We usually eat out at least once in addition to hitting the local Coney after church for a greasy breakfast. I surrender! Maybe eventually I'll get there, but I'm not going to focus in on weekends.

I had a very S-L-O-W start on Monday. I hadn't worked out in over a week. I. Did. Not. Want. To. Move. So what did I do? I practiced the fine art of procrastination while wrestling with it in my head. Instead of working out first thing in the morning, I stayed in my pajamas for MUCH longer than normal. I knew as soon as I jumped in the shower without working out, there was no turning back (likely for the whole week). The skinny fitness trainer on my right shoulder finally beat up the couch potato on the left shoulder and got my lazy butt in workout apparel.

I continued using the EA Sports Active, More Workouts, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The workouts were about 25 minutes on average. They aren't great workouts, but are much better than the first program in this series. I know my muscles are working harder because they were sore a few times this week. They aren't screaming, perhaps just a whimper, but at least I know various muscle groups are getting something!

As I mentioned earlier, where the last program was heavy on the lunges, this one does more slightly more squats. I've determined that I like squats better. I'm not sure why. Maybe I'd rather have a sore rear than sore thighs? It might be a mental thing...there IS muscle under there! Also, instead of tennis, this program has squash. Yep, I pretty much stink at it. It is much easier to just have fun with it when your virtual trainer isn't nagging you to "stay focused". The programmers for this one must have been women.

Nutritionally speaking, the week wasn't stellar. It wasn't a total bust either. I gave up two things - chocolate and scales. Yes, not a single piece of chocolate has passed my lips since the weekend with not so much as even a tremor of withdrawal. I also gave up scales. No sense in depressing myself anymore! I managed to be more consistent with my vitamins too. I missed a day here or there, but I noticed a difference. I am a much happier mama when I have my vitamins regularly. I think if my kids realized the correlation of mood and vitamins in me, they'd be slipping some in my chocolate.

Since I gave up scales, the way my clothes fit need to do the talking. Unfortunately, my clothes didn't do any talking this week. Everything felt just the same. I did have a lovely conversation with someone else's jeans though. It was a much better conversation than the one I had with the chocolate Santa a couple of weeks ago.

I was at the Salvation Army this week and decided to try on some jeans. I selected two pairs of Levis of identical size and style to the ones I normally wear. Unfortunately, I'm now one size bigger than I was a year or two ago, so even picking up the "new" size to try on doesn't put me in the best of moods.

The first pair I tried on said all kinds of obscenities to me.

"You're too fat!"
"Even my bigger size is tight around that gut of yours."
"Oh, honey, you need to do a few more squats."

I quickly shut up that nasty pair of jeans and ripped them off. Sigh. The next pair was identical in size and style, but I tried them on anyhow. They just looked kinder. I wasn't disappointed.

"Oh, look good."
"Do you see that extra room in the thighs...yeah, baby!"
"Wow! Have you been working out?"

Talk to me, baby! I almost felt like wearing them to the cash register rather than changing back, just like a little kid does when he get new shoes. I wore the jeans the next day and they continued to whisper sweet nothings in my ear by stretching a bit and even being a little too loose! Now, I'm fully aware that the previous owner had likely stretched these jeans out in all the right places, but my self esteem needed the boost. I'm desperate and will take what I can get.

My focus this week was on small goals - no chocolate, taking vitamins, and jump starting the workouts. It feels good to be back on the wagon. Maybe I'll get my dangling leg up this coming week.


Mrs. White said...

You did a fabulous job this week!! I am amazed that you were able to give up chocolate!!!

Mrs. White

Tracy said...

lol! I love the conversation with your jeans. I'm glad I'm not the only one who talks to her clothes. :)

Great job getting back on the wagon! Baby steps. You can do it!

~ Denise ~ said...

Ditto! I have those indepth conversations all.the.time! Most of my jeans mutter snidely, "Don't be blamin' that muffin top on me, honey!" ;) Stretched out jeans are by far the best!!! (Especially when they're a tad "too" stretched! Hee hee) I lovingly refer to those as my PMS jeans. :)

Great job, Heidi. You're amazing.

Annie Kate said...

Gotta love those friendly jeans! I have some like that too.

Taking the weekends off is a GREAT idea! The break will probably help you crawl back on the wagon every Monday.

Enjoy your weekend!

Annie Kate

legendswife said...

Who needs scales is right! They put me in a mood no one wants to see:)
It's good that you know that the wagons there for you to jump back on. You go girl!