Friday, February 12, 2010

Fit Mommy - Week 5

This is my weekly check-in for Fit Mommy, hosted by Denise over at Got Chai?

The top 10 things I learned this week:

10. When Godiva is gone, Palmers will suffice.
9. Watching the Super Bowl is more fun with food.
8. Sometimes, you just need to put the scale away.
7. It is possible to like one virtual trainer over another.
6. A good workout using the Wii really can happen.
5. Virtual waterskiing is almost like virtual inline skating.
4. I know *exactly* where my hamstrings are located.
3. Prolonged exposure to cold weather increases your BMR
2. Walking in deep snow is quite a workout.
1. What took 3 years to happen, can't be undone in weeks.

It wasn't a great week nutritionally - again. I've come to terms that I just like to eat. I mean, I really enjoy food. Who doesn't? This past week has been difficult though. I've been craving all kinds of goodies and have had zero will power. The Godiva is GONE and no longer haunts me. I did find an Palmer chocolate Santa left over from Christmas. It wasn't nearly as good as the Godiva. Can you tell I have a problem with chocolate?

Part of the issue is the weekends. We've been going out to breakfast regularly after church. In addition, our family watched the Super Bowl and had snacks for the occasion. My hubby, after all, is not on the Fit Mommy page and wasn't hip on munching on carrot sticks.

So while it wasn't really a terrible week, I don't think it was a "Fit Mommy approved" week nutritionally. I really didn't modify anything. I did have a piece of fruit every day for breakfast and stayed on my low-fat chai. I'll guess I'll have to claim those two things as there is nothing else!

To no surprise, I haven't lost any weight. I actually didn't step on the scale after the weekend. It seems it doesn't matter what I do, the weight just stays the same. I've decided not to check the scale for awhile since I'm not really making drastic changes nutritionally. I know with continued exercise and even with cutting snacks here and there, eventually some will come off.

As far as exercise, I did much better. I didn't work out Monday because I was feeling ill. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the junk I put in my body the day before. Umm...yeah. On Tuesday, I decided to go to the second EA Active program, not so creatively titled EA Active: More Workouts. Wow. How inspiring. I felt like I wasn't getting much with the first program. More Workouts actually did give me a decent workout. I was even a bit sore the next day.

Where the first program is obsessed with lunges, this one has a fixation on squats. By the end of the week, I knew exactly where every thread of muscle in my hamstrings is located. It also incorporates a warm-up and cool-down with stretches, which I like. There is no inline skating (whew!), but instead there is water skiing which is amazingly similar in requirements. I stink at water sports in real life and the virtual world is no different. However, I think the programmers figured out that constantly being told to focus isn't really encouraging. The trainer tells me I'm doing great, no matter how terrible I'm doing. My Mii even performs tricks off the ramp as long as I actually make it to the ramp. I used the new program every day, Tuesday - Friday. I even worked on one of my "rest" days for the program. I feel pretty good about that.

I also took the kids sledding this week and was surprised at what a workout it can be walking through deep snow. I probably should have gone down the hill a few times simply so I'd have to come back up, but I wasn't really in the sledding mood. I was freezing and the snow was powdering, flying in the faces of sledders all the way down! Then it dawned on me. Perhaps I'm burning more calories simply by being outside in the cold. Could it be true? Well, sort of. Not enough to claim the right to eat a chocolate Santa though.

Next week I'll work on getting back on track with the nutrition. I need to start regularly taking my vitamins and plan to add that in as a goal this week. Now if I could just get some chocolate-flavored vitamins...


Mrs. White said...

This was fun to read! You are doing wonderfully!

Mrs. White

Tonia said...

Chocolate is my weakness too! What game/program do you use to workout with the Wii? We're thinking of buying a Wii and I've been looking at the exercise programs and can't decide which would be best.

~ Denise ~ said...

Hail the mighty chocolate! I'm with you, sistah! ;) Chocolate is a huge temptation for me. As is anything found in a bakery.

Oh man, squats are my absolute *favorite* exercise! Sick, I know. :) If you sink down to where your legs are parallel to the floor and hold weights on your shoulders while doing so, you'll really feel those hamstrings...and "glutes". In fact, they'll be screaming at you the next day whenever you try to sit. Or walk.

(I'm not helping, am I?)

Great post--as always! You're always such a joy, Heidi. :)

Heidi said...

No, dear Denise - telling me to put weights on my shoulders while doing squats was not a bit helpful! I'm having no trouble feeling my hamstrings and glutes without the weights! :)

Even if we don't share a love of squats, I'm so with you on the chocolate *and* the bakery goodies. We have *two* small town bakeries just a mile away. Maybe if I jog there, I could justify it...

Tracy said...

I'm very excited to read about how temperature affects my BMR. I may go out in the cold and do something...anything just to burn a few extra calories. :) I am also a big fan of chocolate and have NO self control.

You had a great week!!

Michelle said...


You did great again, and it was so much fun to read! I have the same chocolate problem. Plus, this week I had some baked goods problems, too. As a matter of fact, we have some leftover scout cupcakes from last night's dinner. I tried one today. The frosting was really good. ;) But the cake last night was better. Too bad we came home with the cupcakes! ;)

Annie Kate said...

I'm sure shivering takes lots of calories. But sledding is more fun.

And I'm with you on chocolate...but usually we only have the gluten-contaminated kind in the house, so I'm safe. LOL

By the way, your blog was flagged by our internet protection as 'adult content'! I'm only allowed on for 15 minutes. LOL

Annie Kate

Heidi said...

Annie Kate - Adult content!? Oh my. I wonder what triggered that?

It seems we all have the same chocolate problem. At least I know I'm not alone!