Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Snow Day for Our Homeschool!

My son has what the family affectionately called "the list". There are a number of items on the list at any given time, but he'll fixate on whatever is at the top until the "box" is checked. Lately, going sledding has been at the top of the list. Normally, that wouldn't be too difficult to accomplish during the winter in Michigan. Unfortunately, we haven't had much snow since before the holidays. For weeks blotches of dead grass have been visible on our lawn. It definitely hasn't been good sledding weather.

Then came this Wednesday. I think it was the biggest snowfall we've had all year. Both our 3-hour art class and evening AWANA program were canceled. I was hoping to use the time to catch up on a bit of school work, but the list called. I tried to convince my son that today would be a better day. Yesterday the local schools were closed and I knew the sledding hills would be crowded. Today, with all the kids back in school, they would have the hills to themselves. It didn't matter. The. Box. Must. Be. Checked.

So, we hit the hills at the nearby metropark. It was packed with kids riding their sleds down the still powdery hills. My son didn't care if there were crowds. He was finally getting his sledding box checked.

We ran into some friends who shared a few runs down the hills. They then retrieved their toboggan and took a trip down the toboggan run a few times. Unlike the other hills, the run was completely empty! Then, the group spotted a large snowbank and ditched the sleds for awhile to build a snow cave. My daughter, who is constantly complaining about how short she is, insisted I take this picture that makes her look extremely tall with the help of a friend.
Just before I was able to take a group picture with the kids inside the structure, it collapsed. We managed to get a group picture anyhow.
After arriving home and making hot chocolate, there wasn't much left of the day to get to that school work I had hoped to get in. The school work can wait for a change. Sledding was more important this time.

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