Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dd Lets Her Hair Down!


Dd almost always has her hair in a ponytail. It's quick. It's easy. Who can blame her?

She recently decided that she wanted go from long and straight to a bit of layering. After some abuse from a recent theater production (that required ringlets of her super straight hair, achieved with lots of heat and hairspray), she needed a good trim. The problem is, Mom's salon doesn't do layers. So, I took her someplace to get a real haircut today.


The pic on the left is still-damp hair, just to show length. The middle is her hair brushed out for a picture this past fall. Normally is is just swept back in a ponytail like the pic on the right.

The stylist ended up taking only 4 inches off. Though both of us thought the end result would be quite a bit shorter, this really is good length for a transition. I think she looks awfully pretty with her new layers.

However, it didn't take her but a couple hours to have it back in a ponytail, though there is a little face-framing layer sneaking out!


The Crazy Mom said...

Oh, I love this post!!! I am such a kindred spirit with your daughter. I had hair all the way down my back. I finally got it cut in layers, quite a bit shorter, though still past my shoulders. I try SO hard to leave it down, but that ponytail is so convenient, and now I can hardly stand "feeling" my hair. I wore it down to co-op today, and later found a ponytail holder in my coat pocket as I was cleaning it out. I just could NOT resist the urge. It's in a ponytial as I type.

I call myself a recovering ponytail addict. One day at a time. :)

Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

Crazy Mom,

I am the exact opposite. I can't stand to have my hair in a ponytail. It makes me feel naked and bald! Strange, but true!

Sravani said...

Hi Heidi,
She is so pretty. My dd has long hair and wants it long. But it is so thick that if she lets it loose I have such a hard time plaiting her hair the next day. I have my hair always in a plait too...cannot get to leaving it lose or as a pony tail..because of habit. Looks like my dd is becoming one like me too..In India, seeing girls/women in plaits is not uncommon, but it is so here. But as long as I have to manage her long thick hair, I think it is going to be plaited:))

TOSHeidi said...

Awww --- I like the new 'do. It's different, but not drastic. She's a cutie!