Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Blog Feature: Sneak Peeks with K.E. Weeks


I'm happy to announce a new feature on Chatter, Clatter, and Things That Matter featuring guest blogger, K.E. Weeks.

K.E. Weeks is a very good friend of mine that loves to read young adult fiction. She was drawn to such titles originally because they typically have less objectionable material in them, but often have very interesting plots crafted by talented writers.

As a result, I've been the recipient of many great suggestions for titles for my tween and teen, as well as some titles I've been advised to avoid. Just because a book is in the young adult section of the library does not mean it is always safe to hand over to your teen.

What book lover doesn't desire to share her findings with others? My friend would love to share her findings with other parents, and will be regularly posting her thoughts on titles she's discovered in the young adult section of the library. Her goal is to help guide parents into selecting appropriate, significant, high-quality literature for their teens and tweens. And who knows...you might find a few excellent titles for yourself, too!

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Berry Patch said...

I'm loving this new series!!! Thanks for helping us figure out good books for our kiddos. ;-)