Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who Knew I Could Be So Cool?

I'm earning a lot of bonus points with youngest lately.  First, it was my utterly impressive and unexpected cartwheel, next it is an awesome garage sale find.

I used to garage sale a lot years ago. My kids were clothed in garage sale finds, fed food fixed with garage sale appliances, and sat their tushes on garage sale chairs.  What can I say? I'm thrifty.  I really don't garage sale that much anymore.  I can't find clothes to fit them or to their liking, I have all the appliances I need and then some, and our house is filled.  On occasion though, I will take a detour when I see a garage sale sign.  I usually don't buy much, but still like to check them out on occasion.

Today on the way home from a class, I spotted a sign.  It was a huge sign and had *balloons*. I'm a sucker for balloons.  One child groaned as I drove by the turn to our house.  My younger still tolerates garage sales, so merely inquired.  When we arrived, my son walked to the table of kid stuff (my groaning child stayed in the car) and walked away.  I took a peek at the same table and spotted *it*, my tool to become the. coolest. mom. ever.  I couldn't believe that my son didn't spot it.  He usually has unexplained super powers to sniff these things out.

Anyhow, *I* spotted *it* and that is what matters. *It* is a completely unused Lego Mindstorm robotics kit.  It is an older one, but we already have the new one and this one has different parts (even better!). What, dear son, you don't have your money with you?  Why, your awesome mom just happens to have $20, the super low asking price (these sell on eBay for $80 plus shipping), that you can borrow.
You see that face? That face has "I have a super cool mom" written all over it!

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Debbie said...

I want to be a super cool mom too. My son loves his Lego Minstorms. :-) I would love to find a buy like this and stash it away for Christmas.... only 86 days away you know.